MAY Melanoma Awareness Month
Donate to a new batch of devices
We are constantly looking for patrons, because the development and production of devices require a lot of money.
Below you can donate to us and support us in the fight against melanoma!
And to give you a better understanding of how we create NOTA, we offer you the information below.
Photos and videos are Chinese, but real:)
Key components
The "heart" of our NOTA is truly American, as we have chosen as suppliers a reliable American manufacturer with a century-old history.
Safe and eco-friendly
Li-Pol has all the necessary safety certificates and is designed for several years of active work.
The case material is recyclable.
Cloud Server in America
At the factory, our representative monitors the production process on a daily basis.
Factory in China
Office with engineers
Each board is tested on an automated test bench and the real-time report gets to the American regional server.
Developers in the office can go to the server at any time and see how testing is going, what is the percentage of defects and quickly intervene in the production process.
Meanwhile, in production
1. Printing boards
2. Checking the electrodes
3.Checking boards at the factory
4. Case casting
5. Production of caps and heads
6. Checking the case after applying the soft-touch coating
7. Assembly
8. Control check after assembly
9. Assembly of NOTA and accessories in a box
10. Lamination of the box with NOTA
11. Selective inspection and final packaging
After packing&lamination, NOTA is sent to the warehouse in the fulfillment center, where it begins the journey to the new user! We send devices all over the world and our magic wands can be found on almost all continents!